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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Studio Jane?

Studio Jane is a product photography studio that specializes in creating images for ecommerce businesses. Do you sell home and lifestyle products? Or do you own an online clothing brand? Then you will benefit from the clear, consistent product photography of Studio Jane to showcase your brand, engage customers and drive sales. Use of Studio Jane model images means even more customers can visualize themselves wearing your clothes as you’ll be able to show ethnic diversity, more product details, and inclusive sizing without the cost of a typical photoshoot. In short, Studio Jane photography is a powerful customer-growing tool for online small businesses who need quality product images delivered fast.

Another thing to love about the service–value. We charge by the photo with prices from $15-$20 per image. Order one image for a product or many, there is no minimum number of photos that must be purchased. All images also include standard retouching and unlimited usage license.

How do I get started with Studio Jane?

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3:
 1.  Select the images you want photographed for each product.
 2. Ship your goods along with a copy of your order confirmation.
 3. Get your product images delivered to your inbox.

What’s the turnaround time?
It’s quick! Once we receive your product samples, we style a photoshoot as soon as possible and aim to deliver your images in 5-7 business days.

What type of product photography can you shoot?

We can photograph almost any type of product — whether that’s watches, apparel, or beauty products. Furniture and bedding are product categories we currently cannot accommodate.

For clothing we shoot items on models or as a flatlay view. We can also shoot a ghost view which shows the fit and detail of the item without showing the model. Each seller has different goals and we aim to bring your vision to life. If you have specific requests about the fit or styling of a clothing item, please be sure to put them in the order notes in the order form.
If you’re not sure whether Studio Jane is for your products, send your questions to our team.

Tell me more about on-model fashion photography

High quality product imagery for ecommerce fashion is a must today. Offering a modern on-model photography solution, Studio Jane immediately solves the time and cost dilemma associated with a typical photoshoot.
After your items are shot one by one in our studios, they are then ready for styling in our software – where the magic happens. Our intelligent software uses machine learning to prepare it for styling on various models and body variations from a digital library by one of our in-house stylists. By combining high standards of photography with intelligent software and human styling expertise, we reduce the complexity of on-model image production and get images to you fast in a cost efficient way.

What sizes do you need to shoot apparel on models?
- Please see below for the sample sizes to send.
Sizes that are too large or too small will not fit or fit awkwardly on the mannequins’ body. For children’s clothing, we have mannequins in two sizes.
Clothing: 4-6/Small; Jeans: W27 L32-34; Bra: 32C; Shoes: 8.5-9.5
Women’s Curve:
Clothing: 14-16/L-XL-1X; Jeans: 32W 32L; Shoes: 9-10
Clothing: M-L /38-40; Jeans: 32W 32L; Shoes: 9-10
Kids Age 3:
Clothing: Clothing: 4T; Shoes: 8
Kids Age 6:
Clothing: Clothing: 6/7; Shoes: 11

How much do photographs cost and how long does it take?

Do you charge per photo or per product?
- We charge per photo. This means if you have two products and you want 3 photos each you will be charged for a total of 6 photos.

How much will it cost?
- Rates start at $15 per flatlay view, $20 per on-model view. Self-serve shoots are priced a la carte. You'll pay for any views you select for each product in the order and for any pro services like a recoloring or extra styling. If you’d like one view of one product, that’s fine, there is no minimum order value for a Studio Jane purchase.

How do I order photographs?
- Using our self-serve order process, select the views you want for each product then add each product to your cart. Ready to checkout? Review all the products in the cart and your total order amount then complete your purchase. We welcome large orders not suited to purchase by self service; images for over 20 products with multiple views or photography for a complete brand collection. Share what you want to create with our team and let us showcase your brand with sales-driving photography.

How long does it take?
- Once we receive your product samples, we style a photoshoot as soon as possible and aim to deliver your images in 5-7 business days. Requests for changes to images after delivery could take another 5-7 business days. Timing goals will vary for large orders that are not self-serve purchased.

How does shipping and return shipping work?

What do I need to do after I book?
- You will receive an order confirmation email containing an order number after making a Studio Jane purchase. Please print out a copy of this email with the order number listed and send it along with your products.
Use your preferred shipping vendor to ship products to Studio Jane’s address:
Studio Jane, 3401 N. Thanksgiving Way Suite 300, Lehi, UT 84043

Do you ship my products back when you’re done?
- No, we donate products to local charities after the photoshoot. Please request return in the note section of your cart order page if you prefer the option of having items returned to you, and include a prepaid shipping label in the box with your products.
For more details about shipping, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Do I get input on how I would like my items photographed

We want you to love every Studio Jane photograph–let’s create your vision together!
You can share notes about your goals for each product you want shot in its order form and leave notes for us about your shoot when you finalize your shopping bag. If you think of something later or have a question about your order, contact our team.

Tell me more about the recoloring service for clothing
Pro service recoloring is available for clothing only, and can be purchased only when an on-model front image is selected in the order form. The original garment must be solid, not patterned, and single colored, neutral in both color and saturation.

Hex codes for the recoloring of apparel service
You will need to provide a Hex Code for each recolor you’d like with your order.
A Hex Code is the six digit number representing the intensity of red, green and blue in a color. (ex. #F2BAB8) It’s the color format a computer understands, and unfortunately, we can’t complete recoloring requests without them.

How are images delivered and where can I use them?

Final images will be delivered to the email address you provide in your account through Pixieset, a personal client gallery. We'll send email confirmation that your order is complete, along with a download link and pin number to access your images in high resolution format. Log-in to the server to view and download the images directly to your computer.

Where can I use my images?
- You can use your images wherever you sell online. We offer product photos that are optimized for selling on ecommerce websites or marketplaces. All images include standard retouching and an unlimited usage license. We aim to provide you with the highest quality photography for your brand so we ask that you do not photoshop or manipulate the final images.
For specific details on product image rights and usage, please read our Terms & Conditions.

What happens if I forget to download the images?
- We recommend downloading your images as soon as they are available to avoid any inconvenience. If you run into any issues with your download, please contact us.
You have 3 months (90 days) to download your assets from the date of the email confirming your order is complete. Jane is not responsible for your images after 90 days. We’ll send a reminder email when your images are about to expire to ensure you don’t miss your window to download them! For more details about images, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

How does recoloring work and what are the benefits of this add-on service?

Recoloring is a process where we photograph one product and use seller-approved digital hex color codes (ex: #f2bab8) to create alternate images of your product in the colors you have provided to us.

If you offer one product in multiple colorways, this service is for you! Depending on the below guidelines, we can photograph 1-2 products and change the color to provide you with images of all colorways. This is not only a great money saving approach for your business, but each colorway image sent to you will vary in terms of posing and style!

Note: this process can only be applied on certain products, please refer to the guidelines below to see if your product qualifies:

Guidelines for Recoloring:
Solid single colored garments
Items that are neutral in both color and saturation

Items that cannot be recolored:
Patterned Items
Heathered Items
Items with any type of print/type (graphic tees)
Very Saturated Colors (ex. Hot Pink, Bright Yellow, Red, etc.)
White or Black Items
**Neutral colored items can be turned black, but not vice versa.**

What if I am unhappy with how my images turn out?

Our top priority is to produce and deliver beautiful, high quality imagery that will help your business grow. If for any reason you don’t love your photos, we want to hear from you. Please contact our customer support team and we will work with you to make it right! Contact us.